Free Internet Marketing Workshop for Owners and Managers

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A Crexendo SEO expert teaches at an SEO workshop

Every business or practice with an Internet presence should be able to generate leads and revenue from its local, regional, national, or international target market. Our expert trainers teach groups of owners and managers how to do it. Your group members can grow their businesses or practices using online presence, but only if they know how to effectively market on the Internet. In our workshop, one of our team of expert SEO trainers will present to your members in an understandable, educational, and extremely usable format. No sales pitch, just solid, up-to-date info from our speakers.

Why Would an Expert SEO Trainer Present a Workshop?

We find that when our Internet marketing trainers present down-to-earth information at our workshops that people find useful, it helps build our brand. Also, within every group to whom our Internet marketing trainers present, there are inevitably a few who know they need to implement what our speakers have taught, but their organizations simply don't have the band-width to do it in-house. Because of that, we tend to get a few accounts out of each SEO workshop we present.

In the workshop, our expert SEO speaker will take a minute or two to tell about our company, Crexendo, and what we do. The speaker will spend 1-2 hours (depending on your need) to present to your group on effective Web marketing tactics and how to rank prominently on search engine results. Our goal is to have you invite our speaker back sometime. We know you won't do that unless our expert speakers are informative and the workshop is incredibly popular with your members.

What Does Our SEO Expert Trainer Present?

The SEO and Web marketing information your group will learn from our speaker is so usable and valuable that audience members will want to implement what they learn from the presenter right away. Any audience whose members have an interest in Internet marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), conversion rate optimization (CRO), pay-per-click campaigns, link-building, or social media will rate our Internet marketing workshop and trainers as excellent. Our SEO trainers are expert speakers and we consistently get rave reviews on how educational and informative our presenters are, with no uncomfortable sales pitch.

Current Trends in Internet Marketing

Because Internet marketing is a constantly changing field, it's important that whatever Internet marketing speaker and workshop you choose be prepared with the most up-to-date information. Our speakers present you with this cutting edge information. Because our SEO trainers are experts at running their own websites and optimizing other websites professionally, they have to keep their knowledge up-to-the-minute in order to be effective trainers and speakers to present at the workshop and make their customers competitive.

Past Topics our Expert SEO Trainers Have Taught at Workshops

  • Growing Your Business or Practice with the Internet
  • Localized Internet Marketing for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses
  • What Matters to Search Engines

Who Likes Our Expert Internet Marketing Presenters?

  • Small business owners looking for access to local, national, or international markets.
  • Practices looking to get more local search traffic to their websites.
  • Organizations looking for help with online lead generation.
  • Organizations looking to start or improve an e-commerce website.

Recent SEO Speaker Engagements and Workshops

  • Taking Care of Business (regional television talk show on business issues)
  • Arizona ALFA Conference (regional elder care association)
  • Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce
  • Midwest Region Association of Florists
  • IT Expo
  • Bellevue Rotary
  • TransWest Users Group
  • University of Utah
  • California State University-Fullerton

To arrange a speaking engagement or webinar for your group, contact:
Dominic Bria

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