Increase Your Web Conversion Rates

CRO is one of the most important aspects of your overall online marketing strategy. Crexendo offers consulting and design services to ensure your website converts.

What's CRO?

Conversion Rate Optimization is comprised of the tactics used to improve the number of visitors who convert to actual customers by completing a desired task, such as purchasing a product, or completing a lead form. With the right strategies in place and the right optimization, your webconversion rates can improve – ultimately resulting in more business. Your overall online strategy shouldn't just focus on getting visitors to your site, you should also focus on getting visitors to buy.

Tips for Effective Conversion

  1. Make your site easy to use and navigate. As a user, you want something that is simple and easy to follow. Make sure your users are able to access your website and that they are able to use it in a variety internet browsers. Your products should be easy to find, and easy purchase.
  2. Be honest with your clients. If a product is out of stock, say that up front. If you charge for shipping, let them know that too. If a customer understands exactly what is involved with a purchase, they are more likely to complete the transaction.
  3. Don’t ask for unnecessary information. If you don’t need to know something, then don’t ask. If something is too private or the user doesn’t understand why you need to know, they are likely to shop somewhere else.
  4. Instill trust in your clients. For some clients shopping online can still be worrisome. Make visible to your clients your contact information, such as your address, phone, and email. Also have a privacy policy on your site as well as an SSL certificate and “VeriSign Secured” logo.
  5. Have a crystal clear return policy. The client should feel comfortable knowing upfront if you will or won’t take back their product. Many clients feel more at ease purchasing a product when they know they can have a hassle free return if the product doesn’t work out. Set your parameters and let your customer know them.
  6. Offer a variety of payment options. Don’t just accept one form of payment – accept many! From credit cards to pay pal make sure paying for your product is easy.
  7. Know what makes your Unique. Do you offer a free gift with purchase? Or maybe free shipping with a minimum order? Great – then tell your clients. They need to know what makes you stand out from the rest.

If you are interested in how to improve your web conversion rates with Crexendo plans and strategies, contact us today. Our team of professionals can help improve your site and help you start earning more.