Client Comments & Testimonials

Crexendo Is No One-Trick-Pony

"When someone talks to be about Search Engine Optimization these days, I can't help but to think of the saying that: 'In the world of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.' This stands to reason because we have had so many SEO providers who blindly led us on the road to nowhere and made hefty profits while doing so, which is not to say that we didn't get results. There were quantifiable results with other firms. But other firms are not Crexendo. Within just two weeks, they were able to help us increase our page rank from a two to a four and doubled the effect of all the work that had been done by every SEO firm before them. Just to reiterate, with one simple inside tip, they were able to help us double the value of all the money we had already spent to date. Our page placements shifted immediately into higher slots across the board.

But Crexendo is no one-trick pony. Their team showed us how to get the most from our websites and answered every question with absolute accuracy. They don't just talk about their results. Crexendo has results and success stories much the same as Google has results and success stories with its search engine. So after a few short weeks of working with their friendly, competent staff, I now feel that we are king in our industry because in the world of the blind... we can see."
Travis Adams Irish
Low Book Sales
Salt Lake City, UT

More Leads That Are Better Qualified

"Since Crexendo began helping us with online lead generation, we have been able to transition away from cold calling and trade shows as a primary means of prospecting, to using the web as the primary method. We now get more leads that are better qualified, and cost about half as much per lead. It has transformed the way we think about marketing. Thanks Crexendo!"
Curtis Blair
Lindon, UT

Expect Professionalism From Crexendo

"Professionalism is what you can expect from Crexendo. Their professionalism has been exemplified time after time, starting with the sales time and ending with their support team. They understood the needs of DataTel and made suggestions from their product line and delivered what we needed in the time frame that was promised. Though Crexendo’s guidance, vision, and training our new web site was a seamless transfer from our old web site.

Since we have had our new web site from Crexendo we have been getting more sales leads and our search engine optimization has moved us to the first page in web searches. In today’s age sales are coming from the web, and we have already seen this from our new web site thanks to Crexendo. "
Scott Langdon
DataTel Communications
Meridian, ID

Thanks for the Trade Secrets

"Dear Crexendo, I was particularly impressed with your forthrightness of certain trade secrets of online SEO strategies at your most recent training seminar. Over 90 minutes of free training was a great help to me and ultimately to our company. I have already implemented the strategies you shared and am excited to see the results of those efforts.

Thanks be to you all for your great efforts and for reaching out in new ways to build partnerships with companies locally who desire to reach out to a worldwide audience looking for great Utah companies. Thanks again, the seminar exceeded my expectations and I look forward to working with you. "
Mark J. Winget
Utah's Best Vacation Rentals
Salt Lake City, UT

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