Business Partner Overview

Crexendo’s Business Partner Program enables you to expand your product and service offerings into web marketing services and eCommerce. In addition to earning revenue on the education programs, Crexendo’s products allow our business partners to deliver a full suite of managed professional services enabled by Crexendo’s hosted architecture and your sales and marketing expertise.

Product Overview

Under our Business Partner Program, Crexendo™ has two principal products for resellers with each product satisfying a different need: 1) Crexendo Education Program; and 2) eCommerce and web marketing services. Both offer resellers revenue opportunities, and utilize Crexendo’s implementation, hosting, and training expertise, which makes it easy for you to manage and support your existing client base.


  • You are primarily a marketing and sales-oriented organization specializing in customer acquisition.
  • You have a customer base that is transitioning from traditional marketing to internet marketing strategies.
  • You are primarily a professional services organization specializing in consulting, implementation and service.
  • Your customer is looking for education and training to effectively implement their online business model through web promotion or e-Commerce.
  • Your customer requires e-Commerce or a website.
  • Your customer requires web marketing services such as Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search, Link Building or Social Web Solutions.

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