Split Testing Consulting

Landing Page Split Testing: Split Test Consulting

End the Frustration of Guessing at the Best Marketing Message!

Find the answer by using landing page split test consulting! Crexendo split testing consulting specializes in using split testing as a primary tool for optimizing web marketing performance. Crexendo consulting utilizes a proprietary approach to split test for better conversion rates:

  • Dedicated Landing Pages

    Rather than constantly modify our main website for testing purposes, use landing page split test consulting. We segregate testing onto dedicated purpose built split test landing pages. Our consulting uses paid search to drive traffic to purpose built dedicated split test landing pages that conform with conversion rate best practices. The test landing pages are built on a dedicated landing page platform that includes split test and multivariate testing software, dynamic page elements, multi-part dynamic forms, and fantastic reporting capabilities.

  • Split Test Landing Page Consulting
  • Split & Multivariate Testing

    Depending on circumstances, we will split test your landing page or multivariate test variations on the dedicated landing pages until we find a combination of page elements that convert well.

  • Data Driven Decision Making/Consulting

    Our consulting rigorously tests landing pages using sound principles and make decisions on statistically valid data. It goes without saying that you will be involved in the process to whatever degree you like, and will receive periodic KPI reports.

  • Migrate Lessons Learned

    Once we have found a combination of messaging and page elements that is effective, we will help you migrate those successful approaches to your main website. Using your web analytics solution, we will verify that those elements, once migrated, perform as expected on your main site.

Split Testing
Split Testing is sometimes also called A/B testing. It is the practice of showing different ads to demographically similar groups of people in order to find out which ad performs the best. On the web, split testing is a crucial tool to find the best ads, headlines, images, offers and landing pages. A Split test is the primary tool in conversion rate optimization.
Conversion Rate
Multivariate landing page testing is a more sophisticated version of split testing where multiple conversion rate effecting elements are tested simultaneously on a page in the form of A/B testing as many as dozen different page elements using sophisticated software like Google’s Site Optimizer. Effectively you are testing 2 to the power of 12 versions of the page.

While a very powerful tool, multivariate testing requires a massive amount of traffic and is usually viable for websites with enough traffic for the data to be statistically valid.

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