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Web Analytics Implementation Services

Google Analytics is free and is probably the best choice of web analytics services for most websites. That being said, in our experience in web analytics services, we see far too many cases where Google Analytics was installed and configured improperly. Ultimately this results in inaccurate data or equally bad, focuses on the wrong data. Crexendo’s web analytics services will help you with the proper implementation and configuration of Google Analytics:

Google Analytics implementation and help from Crexendo web services
Installation & Implementation We will help you properly install Google Analytics, or verify that a previous web installation and implementation was done properly, including making sure that the account is linked to your Google AdWords account.

Configuration – Implementation & installation is the easy part. Configuration is a different matter. It’s not that configuring Google Analytics is hard, but without an experienced eye to help, it is near impossible to configure Google Analytics to give you the data that really matters. Is your web analytics account configure properly with respect to:
  • Filtering Non-relevant Visits?

  • Conversions (goals) and Other Success Events?

  • Goal Funnels?

  • Tracking Campaigns?
Without the proper configuration and implementation of those powerful advanced features of Google Analytics, you are simply not getting out of Google Analytics what you should be.

Customized Dashboards – Not all websites are created equal. What data is highly relevant to one website, is meaningless to another. Do you know how your website is unique? Do you know what web data in Google Analytics matters, and what data doesn’t? Have you customized your dashboard reports to highlight the most important and informative reports? If you answered no to any of those questions, contact Crexendo to learn more about our Google Analytics implementation and help services.

Use the Data to Improve Your Website

Once your Google Analytics account has been properly implemented and configured, Crexendo’s help services will help you learn how to maximize that data to optimize your site performance and improve your conversion rate.

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