Crexendo Paid Search (PPC) Management Services

Your paid search campaign needs an experienced PPC management to stay ahead of the game, because the world of paid search is constantly evolving. Your Crexendo paid search manager has the experience and expertise to keep up with the trends and maximize your return on investment. With decades of combined paid search manager experience and millions of dollars of PPC budget under management, Crexendo offers a variety of paid search management services to fit your needs:

Our Approach to Paid Search Management:

  • In Depth PPC Keyword Research – A common mistake in paid search services is for a manager to bid on a small group of broad keywords which usually results in expensive unqualified traffic. Our PPC management spends countless hours doing extensive keyword research laying out every possible relevant phrase before moving on to the creation of various PPC accounts. Our focus on including long tail keywords is the foundation for success.

  • Optimized Landing Page Creation – We know the importance of relevancy between keyword phrases, ads and landing pages. Our paid search services include unique, customized landing pages designed for maximum conversion rates to keep you ahead of the competition.

Ongoing Paid Search Management Services Increases Your PPC Success

Getting the most from your paid search manager involves continual changes to your keyword phrases, ad groups, bids and the management of split testing. Our PPC management team knows the ins and outs of every aspect of paid search.

    Paid search and ppc management services
  • Split Testing for Increased ROI – Your Crexendo paid search manager will oversee the split testing of your landing pages and ads to get the highest conversion for your campaign.

  • Hands On PPC Management Services – A common mistake of many paid search management services is to rely on software to manage your PPC accounts. At Crexendo, we know the benefit of having a trained expert manager run your accounts and we’ll never replace your manager with automated software.

Saving You Money While Driving More Traffic

Crexendo’s PPC Manager Services has the experience to avoid common pitfalls that will drive up expenses without seeing the traffic. Your paid search manager will take on all of your paid search needs so you can focus on the day to day operations of your business.

  • Flat Fee PPC Manager Services –Your typical paid search manager will charge a 15% management fee. The higher your PPC spend, the higher your management fee. We offer affordable flat rate PPC management fees based on your number of ad groups. Contact us for a free quote for PPC Management Services.

  • Month to Month Services – We are sure you will keep us as your paid search manager for the long run based on your satisfaction, not on a long term contract. That is why we are confident enough to offer our PPC manager services on a month to month basis.

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