Paid Search/PPC Keyword Research

Paid Search keyword research has the biggest impact on getting the most out of your PPC efforts. Thorough paid search keyword research needs to be completely mapped out before you even create a paid search account!

Proper Paid Search/PPC Keyword Research Makes All the Difference

One of the most common mistakes in Paid Search is not taking the time to research keywords that relate to every aspect of your business. Anyone can take 5 minutes and come up with a basic list of 10 or 20 phrases about a business, but these are usually the broadest phrases out there which means high bids and low conversion rates. Chances are high that you are missing out on thousands of relevant paid search phrases that will bring you inexpensive targeted traffic.

Call in the PPC Experts

Crexendo’s paid search keyword research team has the experience and knowledge to map out the most comprehensive PPC campaign that is right for you.

Paid Search and PPC keyword research
Consultation – Before we begin our paid search/PPC research, we want to get your input on what phrases you feel best represent your business. We’ll use this as a starting point to begin our thorough research to find more relevant keyword phrases.

PPC Keyword Phrase Research – Our paid search keyword research experts consider the keyword research phase to be one of the most important aspects of your PPC campaign. We will review our findings with you to make sure that the keyword phrases are all applicable to your business.

Qualified Clicks – Base on our PPC keyword research, we will be sure to only bid on PPC phrases that are relevant to your business to avoid unqualified paid search traffic.

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