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Your Crexendo expert PPC manager will get the most out of paid search for your company. Our PPC management team will utilize all 3 major platforms, not just Google. While Google has the biggest market share, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo are still a major part of our PPC management company.

Why Microsoft adCenter PPC?

Microsoft adCenter Expert PPC Management Company
  • Expand Your Reach – Display your product or service to as many as 43 million potential customers, including searches on Bing.

  • Lower Cost Per Click – Yahoo has less competition so CPC is lower.

  • Target Your Audience – Microsoft adCenter allows you to target market segments by age, gender, geography, day and time, and more.

Crexendo: A “Big Picture” PPC Management Company

Your company should have a PPC manager with expert knowledge in every major PPC platform, including Microsoft adCenter. While the 3 major platforms are all similar, each has its own idiosyncrasies that your expert Microsoft adCenter manager needs to address in order to maximize results.

6 elements of an expert Microsoft adCenter PPC management company

High Conversion Landing Page Optimization

Detailed Keyword Research

Keyword Relevancy Ad Creation

Expert Category Management of Ad Campaigns and Groups

Implementation of Spilt Testing to Maximize ROI

Target Market Segmentation to Focus on Your Demographic

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