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Good old fashioned SEO is no longer sufficient in this day and age. Search engines must see that the content on your site is relevant to search terms. Search engines must also see that the sources linking to you, and the methods for linking are relevant to search terms. A link from an authoritative website carries clout with search engines. If your link building campaign is lagging behind, no amount of SEO will save you.
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Not Every Professional Link Building Service Is Created Equal

Avoid "black hat" linking. Poor methodology can result in more harm than good. Seek quality, relevant links. Further insight:

  • Quantity - though it isn't nearly as important as quality, in most cases the best link building strategies include a substantial volume of links. Without inbound links, search engines won't know that your site is relevant to search terms. Links show search engines that there is "buzz" about your site.

  • Quality - Ensuring that your links come from quality sources is paramount. Without reputable sites linking to yours, search engines simply won't value your site as much. Another aspect of quality is ensuring that the links are correctly created.

  • Diversity - Search engines prefer to see inbound links being directed from multiple diverse sources. Superior strategies include more than just a couple simple methods for establishing links.

  • Relevance - It's OK for general interest sites to link to you. Every bit counts, but you must have relevant sites sending links your way in order to convince search engines that your site is "buzzworthy". For instance, if you are a mechanic in Plano, you should have other businesses in Plano linking to your site.

  • Link Freshness - Search engines realize that if your site is "buzzworthy" then they should expect to see fresh links coming into your site on a regular basis. Without them, they have no choice but to devalue your site's relevancy to related searches. The best link building companies will tell you that this is a never-ending process.

  • Anchor Text Links - Usage of anchor text is very important. Crexendo boasts a variety of strategies that appear "natural" to search engines, while simultaneously allowing you to improve traffic for targeted keywords.

  • Natural Link Building - Be wary of black hat methods that can possibly make your inbound links appear to be unnatural. Search engines are increasingly more sophisticated, and able to discern between quality, natural link building and junk.

Let us design your own professional link building campaign. Even web marketing experts tend to outsource their linking because the process is so time-consuming. Our techniques and approach will save you time and trouble.

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