How To Use Social Bookmarking To Promote a Website

Many people understand what Social Bookmarking is good for: It’s a way you can share cool websites, articles, videos, etc. that you find as you surf the Web. The Bookmarks feature on your Web browser gets cluttered fast and it only works on one computer. A social bookmarking site enables you to access your bookmarks from any computer or mobile device, and rather than trying to navigate a complicated file system for all your bookmarks, you just use tags. You can also look at your friends’ accounts to see what cool things they’ve bookmarked under a certain tag. What a lot of people don’t know is how Social Bookmarking can be used to promote a website. It’s quite common for people to know a little about how social bookmarking works but then ask, “Now how can I use it for my online business?”

Starting Out

As with any component of a social media campaign, start small. There are several social bookmarking sites from which to choose. Delicious, reddit, StumbleUpon, and Digg are a few of the most popular. Pick one or two to start with, open an account, and learn how they work. Try to find and make friends within the site. Look closely at which sites have received the most bookmarks. What can you do with your title that will help you attract attention that way?

If you’re just starting out, use the circle of friends you already have in Facebook. It’s a ready-made group of cheerleaders rooting for your success. Ask them to get on the bookmarking site(s) you’ve chosen and bookmark your website, blog, or whatever it is you’d like to attract more traffic to.

Why’s It Good?

What’s the value? First, backlinks. The more people who bookmark your page, the more backlinks it has. The more backlinks it has, the higher rank it achieves in organic search. Second, depending on the bookmarking site, your page can receive more direct traffic from it. That’s because on some sites, the more people who bookmark your page in a short amount of time, the longer it stays highly visible to people who are just surfing the bookmarking site for cool stuff. Hopefully, some of those surfers will be curious enough about your page to go check it out.

Remember, social media users hate spam. Don’t title your page with something that sounds “spammy”. Instead use a title that tells what value any visitor will get when they come to your page.

Like any social media site, the more time you spend on a bookmarking site, the more familiar with it you’ll become, and the more ways you’ll discover to use it to promote your page.

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