The Word on the Street is "Social Media" Part 2

A Brief History of Social Media

To help understand what Social Media is we need to understand where Social Media came from and why we use the term "Social Media." To briefly give an overview of how and where Social Media came to be basically comes down to communication. Communication has been around well since forever. Communication from cave man to cave man and communication in the form of postcard from a loved one on vacation have all been forms of simple Social Media. Sharing communications with others is what makes it social. For example when you receive that post card from your good friends traveling abroad, you are most likely to show other people the note on the postcard and the image of where the postcard came from. With this being said simple evolution has transformed social interaction and media in the forms of print, phone, and now the internet simultaneously into one formal way of saying group communication.

A Brief Evolution of Social Media

This image shows a rough timeline of how Social Media has evolved over the years into what we have come to know and love. Definitly in the last 10 -15 years the term "Social Media" and its related "Social Networking" and "Social Bookmarking" have come into heavy usage andacceptance. We will break down a few of the social media types and give a little info about each one to gain a better grasp on what is out on the web today.

The following in a non-exhaustive list of some great Social Media Platforms:

Communication: Sharing updates and info on what people are doing and connecting with firends

  • Blogs- Blogger, Wordpress, LiveJournal, Xanga
  • Microblogging- Twitter, Foursquare (GPS based location game), Tumblr
  • Social Networking- Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Ning

Collaberation: Teamwork and information gathering

  • Google Wave
  • Wikipedia

Multimedia: Sharing images of events and photographs 

  • Photo Sharing: Flickr, Picassa, Photobucket
  • Video Sharing: Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler
  • Music: Myspace Music,, Pandora, Grooveshark

Simplification Services - The make it easier to get your message out and increase your reach

  • Tweetdeck- Facebook & Twitter
  • TubeMogul- Youtube, YahooVideo, Metacafe

Web 2.0 Properties - Interactive Information Sharing Websites Usually Used for Link Building Purposes

  • Squidoo- Uses "Lenses" to display information about websites, products, and opinions
  • Stumbleupon - Social website searching and finding interesting websites
  • Delicious -Social Bookmarking at its best

We hope this has been informational so far as to the history of social media. Next week, we will dive into how Social Media is "Social" and go through the top Social Media Sites and explain them in more detail.

Stay Tuned.....

This post is not intended to give an exhausted account of Social Media but to help understand what it is better.

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