The Word on the Street is "Social Media"

It seems this week has been especially filled with information about Social Media. It seems like Social Media is the Buzz word for the year! Some of you may be asking yourself some or all of the following questions if you are a business owner or just curious about this new concept:

  • What is Social Media?
  • Who Uses Social Media?
  • Is Social Media Right for Me?
  • Why is Social Media Something I Need to Do?

To answer these questions would take years and years of explanation of the history of Social Media, what it is and how it works inclduding all the various platforms currently called "Social Media" and by that time since technology and information changes so quickly most everything would be out of date or invalid.

So... What do we do now?

It is essential to understand the core concepts of Social Media and why it is important and even cover this may take many posts but we will attempt to get started with the basics and the most important question - Is Social Media Right for Me?

We will discuss in a multi part series the answer to the above questions in more detail in order to help you the business owner get a grip on Social Media and maximize your Return On Investment from Social Media. We will discuss in depth the history, evolution, platforms and the future of social media as it pertains to business and maximizing profits and relationships.

So stay tuned and you will see and understand what Social Media is All About!


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