Follow Up to Google PageRank™

A great tool used by SEO companies like us is the Google toolbar. The Google toolbar has many personalized features that a great and handy like a search box, bookmarks, AutoFill, and translations, but we use the toolbar simply because it allows you to see the PageRank™ of any page you visit. The best features about this are that it is FREE and made by Google, so you know it is good. 

The benefit of being able to see the page rank of any page you visit, you can check out your competition so you know how much link building you have to do as part of your marketing strategy to be able to compete on the first page of Google.

Here is the link to download the Google toolbar to get started on some competitive analysis.

Once you download the toolbar, when you install it make sure you check the box that allows you to add the Page Rank feature to the toolbar, or you will have to add it after installation.

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