Two Valuable Google Analytics Tools You Should Know About

We’ve talked about Google Analytics on this blog before in general terms. Now let’s talk about some specific free tools that are part of what makes Google Analytics so valuable:
     •    URL Builder
     •    Goals in Google Analytics

URL Builder
URL Builder enables you to set up a snippet of code that tracks your various sources of traffic. This tool is most effective for PPC but can also be used in text links and other traffic sources. The URL Builder generates the code snippet for you after you input a few variables. Then you just copy the URL code and place it as your destination URL.


In this snippet, Google is where the traffic is coming from, the medium is PPC or Pay-per-Click, and the campaign getting more information is the Party Hard Campaign.

To get more information about this tool go to:

Within Google Analytics, Goals is a tool that will do several things for you:
     •    Tell you where a visitor leaves an order form or lead generation form using funneling.
     •    Tell you if a certain page is being accessed by qualified visitors.
     •    Shows what parts of your site need improvement. For example, if you have a multi-part e-commerce cart checkout and you see that most of your shoppers are abandoning the check-out process at the page you show your shipping cost, then you know something needs to change on that page.
     •    Tracks activity of an email address posted on your site.
     •    Tracks email submissions or comments on your blog.

Instead of trying to explain how to set up Goals, there are some great instructions here:
Google lays it out pretty easily with screen shots and parables to help you understand how to set up Goals in Google Analytics.

The combination of these two tools will provide you an abundance of information to help you make data-driven decisions about your website and business objectives.

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